Deep Learning and Computer Vision Journey

I start my journey with the Python language. Python language is very easy to learn and understanding. From all fields of students are enrolled to learn Python and various technologies which will be easily implemented using Python.

Today I share my Journey to becoming Deep Learning and Computer Vision Developer as a Beginner.

For Python courses, you can get tons of free content on YouTube which is very confusing to mostly the student who is beginning their career as in Artificial Intelligence or coding career.

I am sharing the easy content to follow the path for becoming a Deep learning developer. TELUSKO Python course is easy to understand for the beginner.

Apart from this course for Python is Code Basics Python course is also good learning for beginners.

For the data science course, follows the Code Basics data science series on YouTube by Dhaval Patel.

Also, you can follow his courses on his website Skill Basics

Now move toward the Machine learning part follow Edureka and Simplilearn course for beginners in Machine learning. Find the YouTube channels link below.

Simplilearn YouTube link

The main part of this blog is Deep Learning for Computer Vision. For understanding the basics of Computer Vision please follow the PyImageSearch blogs

Apart from the PyImageSearch blog please follow the MIT Course series for Deep Learning 6.S191 “Introduction to Deep Learning”. This course series is very easy to understand for clearing the basics and importance of Deep learning in the present or future.

For mastery in Deep learning and computer vision or mathematical concepts in Machine Learning please follow Andrew Ng's courses on YouTube. For the beginner, this course is complicated. Please study this course, again and again, you got a better understanding of concepts.

Thanks for reading my blog, please never hesitate to ask questions and follows my blogs for further clarification in the field of Deep Learning for Computer Vision. Happy Coding !!

Deep Learning and Computer Vision Developer